ECoMMFiT - Environmental Applications

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a widely used technique in environmental problems. Our expertise in numerical methods and in computational techniques has helped us to formulate and solve some interesting environmental problems where the fluid flow is the main actor. Usually these problems are related with dispersion of contaminants either in water (rivers, sea...) or in the atmosphere. As examples, we can name the studies of the dispersion of chemicals released from concentrated sources (i.e. smokestack) in the atmospheric boundary layer or the prediction of the evolution of accidental oil spills.

Special attention has been taken in the analysis of water pollution. ECoMMFit has worked in the studies related to the accident of the Prestige tanker (Spain, 2002) analyzing the temperature evolution of the fuel in the sunken tanks. ECOMMFIT has also developed a computer code (SIMOIL) to simulate the time-space evolution of oil spills in marine environment of arbitrary and complex geometry. It is applicable to gravity-viscosity regimes, i.e. up to 1 week for large spills, and takes into account dispersion caused by wind, tides and currents, spreading and evaporation, as well as accumulation and dispersion along the shorelines.