ECoMMFiT - Industrial Applications

Fluid flow, which can occur combined with heat and/or mass transfer is a key phenomenon in many industrial and technological processes. We analyze and reveal the effects of the flow in the heat and/or mass transfer rates using experiments, simulation and theoretical approaches. This knowledge is essential to uncover the relevant mechanisms at play and optimize the performance of the processes occurring in large-scale industrial equipment as well as in microfluidic devices. We combine fundamental studies with practical applications.

Part of the research carried out in this field is done under contracts with chemical and technological companies that are interested in solving real problems associated with flow and transport phenomena such as mixing, elimination of hot spots, increase of the reaction rate and product quality or energy savings to cite a few.


Examples of industrial projects

  • Flow modeling and numerical simulations in flash process lines
  • Synthesis of NPS stabilized by organic ligands and their use in selective hydrogenation of higher unsaturated hydrocarbons in the presence of mono-olefins and/or dienes, and in fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • CFD simulation of a gas flow drops into a process line
  • Forming with fiber simulation
  • Study of the influence of graphite in the tendency to pressure excess in the inside atmosphere of the drawer of Vandellos I
  • Modelling and numerical simulation of reactive flow in autoclave reactors
  • Modeling and numerical simulation of mixing processes in a polyols plant
  • Modeling of power electronic devices